Haybergill Events

An evening of pilates led by Debbie Chambers and cookery from the Haybergill team took place at the Haybergill Centre. We are finding that combining the primary activity of a group with cooking in the informal, relaxed Haybergill way is popular. Several open yoga & cookery weekends have taken place this year and more are in the pipe line for 2012, so if you are tempted get in touch.

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That time of year-maintenance

Forget the cooking and cleaning for a few days – it’s time to get outside and sand, scrub,pressure wash,treat,repair, prep and paint!

Haybergill staff are soooooo flexible and multi-talented.

The place looks great.

Thanks guys.

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Another day another post

Still here and another day of exploration ensues…  while the rain still beats down on the window we can be content in the knowledge that this still remains a constructive use of business time, but makes for a poor summer day.
Here’s a thing though, we’ve lived at Haybergill since 1996 and one of the trees near the Centre has blossomed every spring but never fruited – until now!

Eat me now

Hundreds of tasty plums. Yummy!

All the best

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Tentative 1st Steps

Hello all!

The Haybergill Blog is starting to live, and over the next little while we hope to get it fully operational… but for now please excuse the seeming randomness of our actions as we give the  various functions a good test run.

All the best.

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