Tentative 1st Steps

Hello all!

The Haybergill Blog is starting to live, and over the next little while we hope to get it fully operational… but for now please excuse the seeming randomness of our actions as we give the  various functions a good test run.

All the best.

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  • Maggie B

    Good to see it is up and running

  • Anonymous

    ok, not sure about the layout so will be experimenting.
    Will add facebook link soon

  • sandy lamb

    woop woop here we go again.

  • Janice

    Just spent a weekend at the Haybergill. Goodness me! It was fantastic. Wonderful surroundings, clean and spacious accommodation and food to die for. Staff leaving us alone but there if needed. It snowed whilst we were there and I believe it was minus 4 but you wouldn’t know it – the place is so warm and cosy. What a fantastic place and topping it off on Sunday, was seeing two red squirrels chasing each other around on the tree just outside the patio doors. Lovely.